"Changing the English language one word at a time."

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Welcome to the new Unwords.com! We're still making English your language. Make up words for those hard to express things and ideas in your head. With our new website, it's never been easier to make new unwords! Unwords.com makes it possible for you to share your words with the world. Take a look around our dictionary and see for yourself.

Having trouble in Scrabble trying to prove your point? Unwords is now available, for the first time, as treeware. A choice of our best words can now be read without using your precious electricity.

Catch it on Amazon or at your local Barnes & Noble!

What can you expect from our new site? More frequent updates because we've made it easier for us and for you to do what it takes to make things happen around here. General improvements all around make your experience more enjoyable and less painful. You can still see what's coming and know that we're actually doing something this time around.

Send us feedback if you have any questions or suggestions about our website. Until our next update, browse around, and enjoy the humor and wit found deep within the pages of our dictionary.


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