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26. der (dr)

  1. a. (interj.) Used to express confusion, interrogation, surprise; "huh?" Origins: Possible made up by mistake when someone stupidly expressed their stupidity incorrectly resulting in an 'er' sound rather than the 'uh' sound in 'duh'.

27. derk (drk)

  1. a. (n.) Someone who presses a pedestrian crossing button more than once, or after someone has already pressed it, having the idea that it will make the lights change faster.
  2. b. (n.) To be both a jerk and a dork at the same time. A jerk-foolish person.

28. desnigletize (dē-snĭg'lĭtīz')

  1. a. (v.) Process by which a word is removed of its sniglet/unword status.
  2. b. (v.) dē-snĭg'lĭtīz'. To eliminate an unword.

29. destinesia (dĕs'tə-nē'zhə)

  1. a. (n.) Going upstairs or downstairs and being unable to remember why.

30. destructinate (dĭ-strŭk'tə-nāt')

  1. a. (v.tr.) The act of destroying something entirely, leaving nothing left but atomic particles.

    Example: I am going to destructinate you!

31. destructination (dĭ-strŭk'tə-nā'shən)

  1. a. (n.) The state of being destructinated, or completely decimated and destroyed; the utter annihilation of something or someone.

32. desuckify (dē- sŭk'ə-fī)

  1. a. (v.tr.) To ameliorate one's situation, work, idea, item, place; to make less disagreeable.

33. detrivenient (dĕt'rə-vēn'yənt)

  1. a. (adj.) Being convenient to the point of detriment.

    Example: Living next door to a liquor store can be very detrivenient.

34. dialup (dī'əl-ŭp')

  1. a. (adj.) Something that is very slow.

    Example: We missed the first five minutes of the movie because our waiter went dialup with the check!

35. dietribe (dī'ə-trīb')

  1. a. (n.) An irate sermon or lecture on healthy eating.

36. differentiality (dĭf'ə-rĕn'shē-ăl'ĭ-tē)

  1. a. (n.) The practice of being different.

    Example: Alexandria welcomed differentiality.

37. digiocrity (dĭ'jē-ŏk'rĭ-tē)

  1. a. (n.) The culture of replacing high quality analog systems with lower quality but more convenient digital systems.

    Example: The rapid replacement of film cameras with digital is a true sign of digiocrity.

38. dignitude (dĭg'nə-td')

  1. a. (n.) A dignified attitude.

39. dillrelict (dĭl-rĕl'ĭkt)

  1. a. (n.) The last pickle in the jar that avoids all attempts to be captured.

40. dimp (dĭmp)

  1. a. (n.) A person who insults you in a cheap department store by asking, "Do you work here?"

41. dinch (dĭnch)

  1. a. (n.) A meal, usually between lunch and dinner, eaten after lunch time, 12:00pm to 2:00pm, and before dinner, 6:00pm to 8:00pm. The compliment to brunch. One of two meals eaten by those on a two-meal-a-day diet.

42. dingy (dĭng-ē)

  1. a. (v.tr.) To ignore someone or something deliberately.

    "Dingy this, I'm going to bed."

    "I tried to phone her, but she dingied me."

43. dinophobia (dī'nə-fō'bē-ə)

  1. a. (n.) Extreme fear of dinosaurs.

44. DIOS (dē'ōs)

  1. a. (n.) The one true operating system.

45. the dirty bin (thə dr'tē bĭn)

  1. a. (n.) A large bin of discount products such as unwanted toys or DVDs that can be found at large supermarkets.

46. disasterbacle (dĭ-zăs'tər-băk'əl)

  1. a. (n.) An event or procedure that has gone terribly wrong.

    Example: The Pistons versus Pacers game turned into a disasterbacle.

47. discombebopulate (dĭs'kəm-bē-bŏp'yə-lāt')

  1. a. (v.) To be in a state of confusion as a result of loud car music, thereby causing one to lower the car stereo volume in order to better read a an address number on a house or building, or to pay a toll.

48. disconfect (dis-kən-fekt')

  1. a. (v.) To sterilize the piece of candy you dropped on the floor by blowing on it, somehow assuming this will "remove" all the germs.

49. disconfusing (dĭs'kən-fyz'ĭng)

  1. a. (adj.) Very, very confusing.

50. discorsage (dĭs'kr-szh')

  1. a. (v.) Removal of a corsage.
  2. b. (v.) To remove decorative flowers from someone.


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