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51. toastate (tō'stāt)

  1. a. (v.) To impatiently pop toast, or some other item, up and down in the toaster, thus increasing the likelihood of burning it.

52. toe cleavage (tō klē'vĭj)

  1. a. (n.) The result of women's footwear that is cut too deeply along the top of the foot, showing where the toes begin, but not the entire toe.

53. toilet toupee (toi'lĭt t-pā')

  1. a. (n.) Any shag carpet toilet cover that causes the lid to become top-heavy, thus creating endless annoyance to male users.

54. tomein (tō-mān)

  1. a. (n.) Ketchup that dries on the top of the ketchup bottle.

55. touron (t'rŏn)

  1. a. (n.) A very annoying and possibly stupid tourist.

    Example: This place is actually quite nice once all the tourons leave.

56. traccident (trăk'sĭ-dənt)

  1. a. (n.) Any injury or mishap occurring while participating in a track and field event.

57. tractionate (trăk'shən-āt)

  1. a. (v.) The act by which a creature without apparent feet will move from place to place, such as with a snail; this only applies to creatures that can move across walls and/or upside down. Note: Snakes don't tractionate - they slither.

58. trafficated (trăf'ĭ-kāt'ĕd)

  1. a. (v.tr.) A state in which the roads are packed so full of traffic that it is beyond what normal bad traffic can describe.

    Example: The highway was really trafficated today!

59. trafficy (trăf'ĭk'ē)

  1. a. (adj.) Describing a period of heightened traffic.

    Example: Dang, it's trafficy.

60. transvert (trăns-vrt')

  1. a. (n.) A psychological type that alternates between introversion and extraversion and combines features of both types.

    I don't know who I am, an extravert or an introvert? Or am I a transvert? If so, then the entire classification crumbles.

    His life moves from one extreme to another, from complete self-absorption to wild partying at random places with random people. He is a typical transvert.

61. tree rat (trē răt)

  1. a. (n.) A squirrel; a very destructive animal that eats bird eggs--contributing more to the demise of song birds than even house cats.

62. treeware (trē'wr')

  1. a. (n.) Hacker slang. Documentation or other printed material.

63. trevel (trĕv'əl)

  1. a. (n.) Merry-making while on the move.
  2. b. (v.in.) To indulge in boisterous revelry whilst going from one place to another.

64. tri-strike (trī-strīk)

  1. a. (adj.) Describing the stature of a person who is ready to forgive and forget a first abuse, tolerate a second abuse, but never forgive or tolerate after a third offense.

    Example: I don't want to get kicked off the team. My coach would tri-strike me if I goofed off during practice.

65. trideckpick (trī-dĕk'pĭk)

  1. a. (n.) A miniature sword or similar device used to hold a sandwich together.

66. tripendicular (trī'pən-dĭk'yə-lər)

  1. a. (adj.) akin to, or the disorienting view one has while falling or moving as in an arc, or in a direction other than just horizontal or vertical.

    Example: They traveled tripendicularly on the roller coaster.

67. trubbleyu (trŭb'əl-y)

  1. a. (n.) www; Three w; The prefix for most domain names.

68. tubarine (tŭb'ə-rēn')

  1. a. (n.) A margarine tub.

69. tubepathically (tb'ə-păth'ĭk-ăl'ē)

  1. a. (adv.) Transmitting an emotion or interpersonal action by way of a video, such as on YouTube®.

    Example: I'm sending you positive vibes tubepathically!

70. tubswizzle (tŭb-swĭz'əl)

  1. a. (v.) To slide oneself back and forth in the bathtub in order to mix the extremely hot water with the cooler water.

71. turcreation (tr'krē-ā'shən)

  1. a. (v.) The process by which thanksgiving turkey leftovers multiply in the refrigerator to a seemingly infinite quantity.

72. turfus (tur'fəs)

  1. a. (n.pl.) A repellent and often unidentifiable mass, as of sweaty clothes or food waste.

    Example: When Jeff moved out, he left such nasty turfus under his couch that I had to use gloves to throw it out.

73. twinch (twĭnch)

  1. a. (n.) The movement a dog makes with its head when it hears a high-pitched noise.

74. twinkidue (twĭng'kē-dy')

  1. a. (n.) The residue on the inside of the wrapper that every junk food addict eventually gets to.

75. twinkularis (twĭng'k-lăr'ĭs)

  1. a. (n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees.

    Example: Strolling through the forest, amidst the twinkularis, a bear comes through the shrubs, and boy he sure did scare us.


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