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26. unstaple (ŭn-stā'pəl)

  1. a. (n.) The staple that never goes all the way through the pages.

27. untake (ŭn-tāk)

  1. a. (v.) To put something back; to separate.

28. untruthitude (ŭn-trth'ĭ-td')

  1. a. (n.) A boldfaced lie.

    Example: Jason showed some real untruthitude out there when he reported that there was no poverty problem despite all the homeless people wandering about behind him.

29. unultimationer (ŭn-ŭl'tə-mā-shən-ər)

  1. a. (n.) One who always thinks they are the best, but to others they are considered as a joke or cheesy.

30. unwarfare (ŭn-wr'fr')

  1. a. (n.) The use of unwords as a battleground to wage war between the submitter and someone they dislike.

    Example: Did you see the entry for "George Foreheadman" on Unwords? Talk about some serious unwarfare!

31. unword (ŭn'wrd)

  1. a. (n.) An imaginary word, or a word that was made up to give meaning to something.
  2. b. (n.) A sound or combination of sounds in written form that communicates a meaning that is not accepted as part of a language, but was made up to communicate a meaning that otherwise does not exist or is unknown to a particular language.
  3. c. (n.) ŭn-wūrd. "A silly ridiculous and pointless web site of non-definitions based on lack of truth integrity, or verification, populated by people lacking in creativity or knowledge of their subject matter as proven by their inclusion and definition of the word Tandy."

32. unwordaphobia (ŭn'wrd-ə-fō'bē-ə)

  1. a. (n.) A state in which one is scared of any word that is not in the dictionary.

33. unwordiwitafulliphilophobia (ŭn-wrd-ĭ-wĭt'ĭ-ful'ĭ-fĭ'lō-fō'bē-ə)

  1. a. (n.) Fear of becoming obsessed with using unwords in a conversation so that friends will shun this person from the "circle" for trying too hard to be witty. Fear of being incomprehensible for trying to be witty through the excessive use of unwords that no one else knows.

34. unwordly (ŭn'wrd'lē)

  1. a. (adj.) That which can not be adequately described by using any words in an authorized dictionary.

35. unyet (ŭn-yĕt)

  1. a. (adj.) A negative indicator used to denote a lack of actualization.

    Example: He is unyet ready to perform at the recital tonight.

36. used to could (yzd tō kud)

  1. a. (aux.v.) Was once able to but no longer can.

37. ush (ŭsh)

  1. a. (v.) The act of escorting. Ushers partake in the act of ushing. Similarly: ushing, ushed.

    Example: You were supposed to be ushing at church today! Hopefully someone else ushed for you.


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