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Word List / Travel :.

1. abbone (ăb-bō-nē)

  1. a. (adj.) The agony or severe pain caused by attempting to stand or walk when a person's knees have seized up, primarily after a prolonged period of inactivity. Most commonly suffered by travelers using trains, cars, and planes as methods of transportation.

2. accidon't (ăk'sĭ-dōnt)

  1. a. (v.) To avoid accidue.

    Example: I managed to accidon't it.

3. accidue (ăk'sĭ-d)

  1. a. (n.) Small pieces of broken glass, metal and other debris that remains at the scene of an accident for months after.

4. accordionated (ə-kr'-di-ən-y-ted)

  1. a. (adj.) Having a strong ability to control and manipulate accordion-like objects such as maps and oriental fans: as in, being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time.

5. arrow-waster (ăr'ō-wā'stər)

  1. a. (n.) One who does not immediately proceed when a left-turn arrow flashes green; preventing following motorists from making it through on the light.

6. bargarcs (bâ-järks')

  1. a. (n.) The streaks on a car's windshield from faulty wipers.

7. bedittle (bə-dĭ'təl)

  1. a. (n.) A increasingly common phrase and game that is played on road trips. The objective of the game is to beat one's companions in calling out this phrase whenever spotting another car with mismatched headlights. Generally, dimmers do not count. The winner is the person who calls out the most bedittles first on the trip.

8. blinknesia (blĭngk-knē'zhə)

  1. a. (n.) A case when someone leaves their blinker on for a while after they have turned or used it already.

9. brizzard (brĭz'ərd)

  1. a. (n.) A common form of snow storm in Great Britain, and oft the reason for a total collapse in public transportation.

10. busblender (bŭs'blĕn'dər)

  1. a. (n.) The device at the front of the bus that tosses your fare around for a while, then swallows it.

11. car pal tunnel syndrome (kr păl tŭn'əl sĭn'drōm', kr pəl)

  1. a. (n.) A condition affecting passengers having an urge to roll down their window and shout or make other noises while passing through a tunnel in a moving vehicle.

    Example: Cheryl clearly has come down with a case of car pal tunnel syndrome after pressing the automatic window buttons too many times.

12. catjam (kăt-jăm)

  1. a. (n.) A situation in which one or more pet cats are blocked from moving to another location because they don't want to pass too closely to another cat.

    Example: A catjam occurred when Sylvester didn't have enough room to pass Tommy in the hallway.

13. compulsive slowpokyist (kəm-pŭl'sĭv slō'pōk'ē-ist)

  1. a. (n.) Any person who, while driving or walking, perhaps on a highway or in a mall, hurries up to get in front of others, but then travels really slow.

14. curbswell (krb-swĕl)

  1. a. (v.) When a car door will not close because it is stuck on a curb or sidewalk after getting in the car.

15. destinesia (dĕs'tə-nē'zhə)

  1. a. (n.) Going upstairs or downstairs and being unable to remember why.

16. discombebopulate (dĭs'kəm-bē-bŏp'yə-lāt')

  1. a. (v.) To be in a state of confusion as a result of loud car music, thereby causing one to lower the car stereo volume in order to better read a an address number on a house or building, or to pay a toll.

17. downpause (dăn'pz)

  1. a. (n.) The split second of dry weather experienced when driving under an overpass or in a tunnel during a storm.

18. ecnalubma ('snəl'ēb-mā, ĕk-n'lb-m)

  1. a. (n.) An ambulance viewed through one's rearview mirrors.

19. elecelleration (ĕl'ə-sĕl'ə-rā'shən)

  1. a. (n.) The mistaken notion that the more you press an elevator button the faster it will arrive.

20. fartagogue (frt'ə-gŏg')

  1. a. (n.) A place that most people find safe to pass gas. This place can often be identified by its horrid odor.

21. fenderberg (fĕn'dər'brg')

  1. a. (n.) Any large glacial deposit that forms on the inside of a vehicle's fender during the winter snow season.

22. flatcat (flăt-kăt)

  1. a. (n.) A domesticated animal often seen in the middle of the road after many tires have driven over it. Generally, any miscellaneous or unknown type of road kill. Sometimes useful as a frisbee.

23. food stamp Cadillac (fd stămp kăd'l-ăk')

  1. a. (n.) Any prestigious car that seems to be beyond the financial capabilities of the person driving it; a higher-end car owned by someone who receives Federal government or county social service aid. Sometimes used as a derisive term to describe a car driven by a person who fraudulently misrepresents him or herself in order to receive food stamps and other forms of government assistance, when the person is not actually in need.

24. fuelderment (fy'əl'dər-mənt)

  1. a. (n.) The confusion at an unfamiliar gas station over how to activate the gas pump.

    Example: Fuelderment fell upon Dharma as she tried to figure out whether to lift the handle and push the button or push the button and lift the handle.

25. fulfart (ful'frt)

  1. a. (interj.) Full speed ahead.


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