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Definition of groaking :.


  1. 1. (v.) Literally, to consume or to drink. To consume a situation to the point that it becomes a part of one's self and one's self with it.

    Origins: Like grok, to understand fully to a degree that most never achieve. To “grok in fullness” is to understand not just the situation at hand, but the actions and attitudes leading to it, it is not just a question of what, but also of why and how, as well as other things for which words do not exist. This term was first put forth in the work of fiction "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert A. Heinlein.

    Submitted by: Anonymous, Topics: Behavior & Lifestyle

  2. 2. (v.in.) To look at someone else's food, in the hope that they will offer a portion.

    Submitted by: Anonymous, Topics: Food & Drink

  3. 3. (n.) One who watches someone eat in hopes of being offered some of their scrumptious bounty.

    Example: Shoo away the groakings. I cannot eat my meal in peace like this.

    Submitted by: Anonymous, Topics: Behavior & Lifestyle, Food & Drink


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