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Definition of hu :.


  1. 1. (pron.) A 3rd person gender-neutral pronoun. Its brevity and morphological structure (one open syllable: a consonant + a vowel) make it similar to other 3rd person pronouns -- a typical, easily recognizable member of this class: he - she - hu.

    Origins: A clipping from "human" (like "flu" from "influenza"). The derivative forms of "hu": reflexive "huself," possessive "hus," and objective "hu". Thus the five forms of the 3rd person pronouns make up the following table:

    gender  nom  gen (adj)   posses   acc   refl
    ------ --- --------- ------ --- ----
    male he his his him himself
    fem she her hers her herself
    neut hu hus hus hu huself

    An employee may choose to cover only huself and hus child or any number of children.

    It's the vice-president's job to support the president and take hus place when hu is away.

    A hero is one who places huself at risk for another.

    Hu that has ears to hear, let hu hear.

    It should be the chief aim of a university professor to exhibit huself in hus own true character - that is, as an ignorant human thinking, actively utilizing hus small share of knowledge.

    An introvert can easily become an extrovert when it is advantageous for hu to do so.

    Submitted by: Mikhail Epstein, Topics: Language & Literature


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